Salespeople want more from employers


From changing buyer behaviour to the ever-blurring line between digital and reality, today’s salespeople face unique challenges

and they need new skills to thrive.

But sales training is quite often treated as a tick-box exercise, leaving talented salespeople feeling undervalued and ill-equipped.

The result? Underperformance, low retention and a failure to build vital skills and processes.

“Training needs to change. Instead of broad-brush approaches, organisations find more success making the learning individualised and experiential.”

Ampli Talent give your people what they need

Our holistic approach to training treats your employees like human beings, not commodities. We provide personalised, modular learning pathways that extend over several months – and are designed to stick.

We help your sales teams…

  • Create a consistent buyer experience

    Taking the best elements from proven sales frameworks, such as MEDDIC, SPIN, MillerHeiman and Sales 4.0.

  • Adapt to new sales challenges

    Like larger buyer teams, long sales cycles and the ever-increasing number of digital channels.

  • Feel empowered

    Through personalised modular learning that emphasises their strengths – not their weaknesses.

  • Deliver better results

    By providing holistic training that both equips them with skills and instils the right sales mindset.