Emotional Intelligence

Help your people understand themselves


Human beings are capable of being overwhelmed by impulsive emotions. But with the right insights, awareness and techniques, they can learn to understand, manage and integrate their more sensitive side.

“Emotional self-control – delaying gratification and stifling impulsiveness – underlies accomplishment of every sort.”
Daniel Goleman

Our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training equips us with exactly that level of self-control. We help your people use their feelings to support their skills and connect with customers through authentic empathy.

Our EQ training is built on…

World renowned assessments

We test every trainee using EQ-i 2.0 – the first scientifically verified measure of EQ, trusted by leading organisations for over 20 years. This helps us understand individuals’ knowledge, capacities and blindspots – and ensure these are all acknowledged during the training programme

An integrative approach to emotions

EQ is a broad concept, including everything from self-awareness to emotional regulation. Our approach is built on integrating every aspect of EQ, to enable your people to fully realise their potential and access every part of their emotional life.

Connecting emotion to performance

Emotion is the heart of sales – which is exactly why EQ is so vital. We help your people align their emotions and empathy with larger business goals, turning their feelings into an essential performance driver.