Invest in leaders of the future


Most B2B sales organisations understand the value of hiring less experienced people. They can be hungrier, are sometimes more ambitious but are almost always more mouldable.

But acknowledging potential and actively unlocking are very different things.

“B2B Sales Directors now identify talent as their top external challenge.”

How do we find the best graduate talent?

We help you identify, hire and nurture the most talented recent graduates – to build a robust talent pool that will quickly grow in value.

Trait-based hiring

We focus on the inherent potential of each candidate, looking at their intrinsic traits to determine how well they will cope with the mental challenges of sales – and how quickly they will develop the requisite skills.  

This ensures each graduate we hire is…

  • A good culture fit
  • Adaptable to digital activities
  • Ready to learn

Candidate assessments

Graduates are tested based on your specific priorities. This could mean…

Cognitive testing

Assessing their verbal, numerical and inductive reasoning


Behavioural testings

To understand their personality, emotional intelligence, natural talents and situation judgements.  

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