Ampli Talent Academy

A complete outsourcing solution that benefits both parties


Headcount freeze but still need to hire? On-boarding or expanding a sales team for an indeterminate period? Hiring a junior sales team that requires nurturing over time?

The Ampli Talent Academy solves these problems, providing FTE outsourcing that satisfies requirements and offers employees a valuable growth opportunity. We create a stable growth environment where salespeople can learn, gain experience and reach their full potential.

“The important thing about outsourcing is that it becomes a very powerful tool to leverage talent and improve productivity.”
Azim H. Premji

Employers gain…

Access to high-calibre talent

We provide access to sales talent at every level of seniority – in whatever role you require.

Flexible off-headcount resources

Sales leaders can fulfil their staffing needs without committing to in-house permanent contracts.

A wider range of skills

Specific skills can be sourced when needed, helping your company stay agile.

Salespeople gain…

  • Faster career progression

    With the opportunity to grow across two companies simultaneously and gain wider exposure, salespeople can improve their personal brand and accelerate their career.

  • Tailored learning pathway

    We help less experienced salespeople develop their skills and gain a range of experience.

  • Extended mentorship

    Each Academy trainee is given a mentor to provide personal guidance and support throughout their tenure.