Mindset & Wellbeing

A holistic view of sales performance


Product knowledge, people skills, persuasion – it takes a lot to be a great salesperson. But performance isn’t just about what you present to buyers; it’s also about what goes on inside your mind.

From staying focused on the goal to coping with rejection, high performers are in control of their mindset. But most aren’t just gifted with that

they had to learn it.

That’s what our mindset and wellbeing training offers

We recognise that selling is part skills and part mindset. So our programmes balance technical development with psychological insight and wellbeing support.

It helps delegates…

Build emotional intelligence

Trainees learn to identify, manage and express their own emotions. This helps them become more integrated individuals, connect with buyers on a deeper level and gain empathy for those they work with.

Improve lifestyle choices

From physical fitness to mental health, lifestyle choices directly impact salespeople’s wellbeing, mindset and sales performance. We give delegates practical support to unlock their behavioural patterns – and equip them to make better, more informed choices.

Increase resilience

From high-pressure sales situations to everyday stress factors, sales people need grit to become high-performers. Our training gives them tips and techniques to handle heavy workloads and remain calm and focused.

Create a more positive workplace culture

From reducing stigma around mental health to creating a sense of belonging, training that focuses on wellbeing fosters a more inclusive culture. The result? More collaboration, higher retention and increased employee loyalty.

Mindset & Wellbeing Modules

Amplify your personal effectiveness

Examine your use of time and attention to build discipline and create strategies that increase personal organisation and effectiveness.

  • Discover the challenge of dealing with competing priorities in your sales role
  • Recognise ‘time robbers’
  • Identify your most valuable activities
  • Learn techniques to manage the time you have more effectively
  • Develop your own system that works for you to deliver results and personal fulfilment

Amplify your resilience to everyday stress and anxiety

Understand the origins of pressure and stress to build sustainable resilience that will benefit all areas of your life.

  • Understanding around ‘Pressure’, ‘Stress’ and ‘Anxiety’– where it comes from and how it presents
  • Your ability to manage yourself and act when necessary
  • Knowledge and confidence around mindfulness and breathing techniques
  • Explore the concept of resilience and routes to making it stronger
  • Develop the need to look after yourself and build assertiveness
  • Commit to actions that will impact the short and long term

Amplify and sustain your wellbeing

Discover the fundamental pillars of wellbeing and explore how they can be achieved while working in a high-pressure sales role.

  • Discover the pillars of sustained positive wellbeing
  • Identify the connection between external factors and the impact on the human body and brain
  • Learn how to identify opportunities for positive change
  • Develop the art of asking great questions of yourself and others
  • Commit to actions for sustaining and improving personal levels of wellbeing

Amplify your mental health awareness

Extend your knowledge of mental health issues, learn to identify red flag behaviours and develop the skills to support people struggling with poor mental health.

  • Build understanding around mental illness and disorders
  • Explore statistics and figures identifying the current state of mental health
  • Learn to identify red flag behaviours
  • Gain knowledge of professional services that can provide professional assistance
  • Explore the art of listening and questioning to support and demonstrate empathy
  • Develop awareness of what we ‘can’ and ‘can’t’ do when offering support
  • Commit to actions that will confirm our commitment to apply learned skills and knowledge