Who we are

Holistic Talent Development


Transform your teams with our unique approach:

Here at Ampli Talent, we take a distinct approach, seamlessly blending rigorous training techniques with a tailor-made modular framework to drive enduring transformation. Whether it’s identifying the perfect individuals or cultivating their latent potential, our all-encompassing system empowers you to transform your teams with results that last.

A training model fit for the future

Professional development continually evolves and must do to keep pace with the new reality of B2B sales. With more technology and fewer personal interactions, it’s now crucial to make those interactions impactful.

Organisations now need training that bridges the gap between digital skills and trusted sales principles.

Ampli Talent exists to help them do that

Part of the Matter Group, an innovative B2B sales and marketing agency with proprietary AI technology, we bring a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics within B2B sales and marketing, allowing our talent development business to harness that insightful expertise.

Everything Ampli Talent does is based on partnership

with clients, collaborators and trainees..

Our partner model mixes a core full-time team with a hand-selected group of discipline experts. To create a flexible, dynamic team capable of delivering truly transformative programmes

Learning that sticks

½ day modules underpinned by the Spaced Interval Repetition Technique (SIRT). So learning fits around your people’s schedules – and stays with them.

Modular learning pathways

Ensure your people learn only what will truly benefit them, based on their role and personal skill set- so your investment produces the best ROI possible.

Flexible delivery

Both face-to-face and virtual training is available, meaning you can get the benefits of both – depending on your specific needs.