Gallup Strengths

Understand and amplify your people’s natural talents


Every Ampli Talent programme is underpinned by a deep understanding of each delegates’ unique strengths. Individuals start their training by taking a Gallup Strengths Assessment, which provides insight into their natural way of thinking, feeling and behaving.

The results inform every subsequent step of the training processes. It helps us

Create relevant learning pathways

The Gallup Strengths assessment allows us to tailor learning to each individuals’ unique set of traits, challenges and strengths. 

Delegates learn only what is most relevant to their role and will help maximise their natural talents.

Make training a positive experience

Too many training programmes feel like one big test. But our approach doesn’t ask “how good are you?” – it asks “how are you good?” 

This empowers individuals and helps them see training as an opportunity, rather than an obligation.

“Each person’s Strengths are different – the chance that two people share just the same Top 5 in order is 1 in 33 million.”

How does Gallup Strengths work?

The Gallup Strengths Assessment is a self-assessment test consisting of 177 paired statements. Over 30 minutes, delegates decide how well each statement describes them – producing a complete personalised ‘Strengths Insights’ profile.

This is broken down into four key domains: Influencing, Strategic thinking, Relationship building and Executing. Each user gains insight into their unique potential, which they can use to navigate not just their professional role but their personal relationships, aspirations and plans for the future.