training and talent

Holistic professional development to deliver sustainable results

Ampli Talent offers a unique approach

We combine rigorous training methods with a bespoke modular approach to deliver lasting change. From finding the right people to nurturing their potential, our holistic system helps you turn your teams into a powerful competitive advantage.

Find the best talent

Sourcing, screening and hiring quality people is time consuming and expensive. 

Our system combines data-driven methods with high-level sector expertise to create sustainable talent pipelines.

Equip your teams with skills that stick

Less than a third of training is retained – and just 12% of course delegates use what they learn in a real B2B environment.

Our system leverages Spaced Interval Repetition Techniques (SIRT) and our proprietary Sales 4.0 methodology to build positive habits that last.

  • Learn proven sales frameworks
  • Detailed inductions, on-boarding and FTE outsourcing
  • Comprehensive long-term development programmes
Start empowering your people
  • Programme

    Modular sales
  • Relationship building
  • Mindset and motivation
  • Influencing

Make your people feel valued

More than 50% of salespeople feel disengaged at work – and less than 20% see a future with their current employer.

Our system ensures every team member feels valued. We focus on their strengths and deliver bespoke training matched to their specific needs.

  • Gallup strengths assessment
  • Mindset and wellbeing training
  • Extensive team building training
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