Flexible learning, designed to Stick


We believe training should be built around how people are – not how we’d like them to be. Everything we do is informed by an understanding of how people really learn, and how training actually functions in their lives.

Our approach enables delegates to

Steer their own training journey

Our facilitators take a consultative approach. We don’t prescribe, we don’t dictate; we make sure every delegate feels empowered by the process and understands the ‘why’ behind every piece of knowledge and skill they gain.

Fit learning around their schedules

We offer both specialist face-to-face training and live virtual modules. This ensures learning fits seamlessly around your schedule and augments sales performance – rather than being a distraction from it.

Trust our facilitators to help them grow

We only partner with fully accredited professionals with extensive client side and delivery experience. Each facilitator has 15+ years experience and has worked with a range of well-regarded businesses.

Retain knowledge and build better habits

Limited mental bandwidth hinders learning. Our approach understands knowledge retention. We break learning into manageable chunks, using Spaced Interval Repetition Technique (SIRT), a proven method for lasting habits. Supported by over a century of evidence.

Apply training to the real world

Our delivery method is highly interactive, and each module contains skills and knowledge that can be applied in the real world. Modules are tailored to speak to specific needs and challenges for the delegates’ roles.