Modular Programmes

Modular Training Programmes


Help your people combat the ‘forgetting curve’

While spending a few days in a classroom-style training session creates short-term improvements, it rarely produces lasting improvements.

“Data shows that over 80% of what is taught is forgotten within 90 days. As a result, we are throwing away billions each year on training.”

Our approach to training solves that problem. We break the process down into shorter modules delivered over an extended period.

This makes learning

Easier to retain

We use the Short Interval Repetition Technique (SIRT) to avoid overloading your people with information. They learn in short bursts that are systematically reinforced – and become lasting habits.

Completely personalised

We consult with every organisation to determine the most suitable training programme for their sales force, mix-and-matching modules to make sure individuals learn the skills they need most. Then we tailor each session based on each delegate’s unique strengths.

This not only increases engagement – it puts the delegate in control and ensures they feel truly invested in.

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Post-module action plans

Effective training requires real buy-in from leaders, both to ensure resources are available and to encourage individuals within their teams. We build support and engagement amongst sales stakeholders through…

  • Pre-programme consultations

    To ensure the Programme Directors collaborate with all stakeholders.

  • Post-module action plans

    Where delegates commit to reinforce their learnings with line managers

  • Regular communication

    Enabling facilitators, leaders and delegates to cooperate for success.

Sales Training Modules

Amplify your natural strengths

Use the results from your own personal ‘CliftonStrengths for Sales’ report to uncover your talents, learn how to use them and watch your approach to selling change for the better.

  • Discover your top 10 CliftonStrengths themes
  • Identify how your strengths contribute to your sales success
  • Explore how your strengths could get in the way of your sales success
  • Develop new ways to approach the everyday tasks of your sales role
  • Commit to actions for how you will put your strengths to work immediately
Learn more about Gallup Strengths

Amplify your mindset and motivation

Change your mindset to build behaviours that deliver the best sales performance. Learn to stretch your own deliverables, examine your goals and motivate yourself.

  • Develop a winning mindset to lay the foundation of sustainable sales success
  • Explore your ‘motivational story’ to create consistent communication
  • Enhance understanding of your company’s USPs
  • Build an inspirational personal vision for each salesperson
  • Discover elements of sales 4.0 methodology to create repeatable success

Amplify your relationship building

Create partnerships with customers through collaboration and trusted techniques.

  • Discover the skills to make a positive and lasting impression
  • Learn the components of ‘trust’ and how to proactively build this with clients
  • Develop empathetic listening skills
  • Focus on qualifying questions to establish the right decision makers and influencers
  • Map out your business network and understand where improvement is needed

Amplify managing objections

Overcome hurdles with confidence at any point throughout the sales journey by understanding your buyer’s needs and minimising opportunities for objections.

  • Develop a winning mindset to see objections as opportunities
  • Identify several approaches that can work for you
  • Use storytelling to overcome objections
  • Practise with real life situations
  • Focus on positive communication skills to create confidence in the customer
  • Develop an ‘objection handling’ matrix for your most common objections

Amplify presenting your solution

Build confidence when communicating your solution using a tried and tested structure. Learn to tailor communication to the buyer’s motivators and create emotional buy-in.

  • Develop a flexible structure to ensure you present a value-add solution
  • Identify the different forms of evidence that will reduce doubt in your buyer’s mind
  • Create emotional-buy in through storytelling
  • Practise fundamental communication skills to support engagement and inspire
  • Build your confidence when communicating
  • Tap into Sales 4.0 methodology to support your solution quality

Amplify your influencing skills

Develop the skills to minimise negotiation and create WIN-WIN solutions that move deals forward.

  • Develop and practise a full range of powerful questions to uncover a variety of needs
  • Discover some fundamentals of influencing by flexing our own communication
  • Focus on the 4 buyer perspectives
  • Practise new influencing skills to build confidence and credibility
  • Build your influencing reach utilising Sales 4.0 methodology

Amplify your negotiation approach

Learn to negotiate with confidence by planning, using credible language and setting clear boundaries as to what is and is not negotiable.

  • Discover a robust way to plan before negotiation situations
  • Focus on the 3 key components to plan for in a negotiation conversation
  • Build some credible clarifying questions to truly understand what sits behind the negotiation from your customer perspective
  • Identify your own mindset around successful negotiation
  • Build your confidence in negotiation situations with practice and feedback

Amplify your client commitment

Discover techniques that will enable you to gain client commitment. Learn how to effectively follow up and keep in touch with customers to enable long term partnerships and loyalty.

  • Develop a winning mindset to gain commitment and reduce ‘rejection fear’
  • Identify several techniques to experiment in-line with buyer perspectives
  • Practise with real life situations
  • Focus on positive communication skills for effective results
  • Build a ‘follow-up / keeping in touch’ strategy for key clients

Amplify your prospecting abilities

Become familiar with what excellence in appointment setting is. You will identify how to quickly build rapport, gain immediate credibility and buy time to be thorough in producing quality appointments.

  • Identify what you need to prepare before the call.
  • Develop credible and appropriate interest arousers to build rapport and connection.
  • Build a selection of questions to establish the needs of the customer.
  • Learn to step up on collaboration by offering how you can support and move to an action.
  • Focus on how to clarify and confirm the appointment.