Coach The Coach

Equip your leaders to develop their people


From learning to use digital channels to building resilience, coaching is a central part of any effective sales organisation.

But sales leaders are generally taught to delegate, not educate.

“Sales leaders must understand their role in establishing and maintaining a strong coaching culture.”

Our Coach the Coach programme instils your leaders with vital coaching skills to build a positive learning culture and help their people to thrive.

We help leaders develop their coaching by…

Starting with their strengths

We start every learning journey with a CliftonStrengths assessment. This uncovers their top 10 manager themes to gain insight into their individual coaching style, talents and challenges.

Building core coaching skill

From communication and collaboration to established coaching techniques, we ensure every leader has a toolkit of effective coaching strategies at their disposal.

Creating a coaching mindset

We ensure your leaders understand the value of coaching and embed it into their daily professional lives

Amplify your coaching

Use the results from your own personal ‘CliftonStrengths Managers’ report
to uncover your talents, learn how to use them in your management role and bring the best out of your team by embracing their Strengths.

  • Discover your top 10 CliftonStrengths manager themes
  • Identify how your strengths contribute to your coaching success
  • Explore how your blindspots can get in the way of your coaching success
  • Develop new ways to approach the motivational and accountability parts of your role
  • Focus on how you can get the best out of your team using a strengths-based approach
  • Discover and practice world-renowned coaching models
  • Link in your own processes and practise an enhanced coaching style
  • Commit to actions for how you will put your coaching skills to work immediately.